Audi A2 Commercial

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Audi A2 Commercial
Audi A2 Commercial

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SkyGaruda: I bought one in 2002: 300 000 km right now and still kicking :) I love my little car.

Facundo Gomez Torrano: Because was a great miss of audi, the sales never could get even closer to the rival Mercedes A Class.

AlphaAsFuark!: Hey naked girl in comercial!

vitalalive69: Way too expensive for that class.

Fleck Smugbrother: No worries! I live in Europe, but earn dollars, so the exchange rate effects me greatly!

Eric Rucker: Er. Wait. That was stupid. (I didn't read your comment fully.)

Eric Rucker: Right, but what did they cost new?

Fleck Smugbrother: I bought one brand new in Dec., 2000, for just over $14,000. Still have it, 57,000 kilometers, or about 36,000 miles. It is an excellent car. And as you can see, not expensive. It would probably be a bit more pricey today because the dollar has tanked.

Eric Rucker: The R8 and Q7 both came out after the A2 was discontinued in Europe, actually.

Eric Rucker: I'll note that it wasn't exactly a success in Europe, because it was too expensive. Here, it would've been even worse - nobody would buy a Geo Metro-sized $40,000 car. (And, with the aluminum chassis, it would've probably cost that much.)

Fleck Smugbrother: Why didn't Audi try to sell this car in America?
Audi A2 commercial 5 out of 5

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SkyGaruda: I bought one in 2002: 300 000 km right now and still kicking :) I love my little car.
AG Lover: I used to have this doll but then i lost her but now i want to buy another one
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Audi A2 commercial