Plants Vs. Zombies PC Review

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downphoenix: Great classic review, do people still call you?

Emmet lover from the lego movie: Crazy Dave not dan

big apple: Hi person looking through newest comments


The Half Eaten Bagel: at first i thought this was one of those subway surfer type, temple run for none gamer games....basically candy crush, i just recently played this game and must say it's quite enjoyable, i think what made me look into it more was nintendocaprisun's playthrough of this, it's surprisingly fun and addict, A + review mister goose

AhrenDerGamer: I garden all the time and I am a gamer and then I found this game and I was like

Alex fan G: Wut

Killer-Toni: This is one of my favorite games of all time, so much nostalgia :)

Luigi Epic: By far my favorite is the thunderstorm minigame. I just love that little heartattack when you can see a zombie shrouded in the faint light. It's a bit of a shame the game stopped for me after defeating the boss, especially seeing as I bought the Game of the Year edition. But it was amazing as it was and I'll never forget what this game did for me.

Velocity: review the second game on this, it may contain the more difficult challenge factor you speak of.

WyGuy: His name is Crazy Dave

john robin Jovellano:

Mokthat Ibn Ign Kakmod: Wtf...

VideoLucuUnik: Very good

God is A Polar Bear: You like cartoons as much as me! Could you give this one a review?

Persian Slashuur: Question:WHAT THE HELL WAS UP WITH THAT ENDING?!

Kim Jhon De Guzman: what the what ha
ha ha

rileym 147: 7:40 I wish that fake Fred was the real you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rileym 147: 6:35 STOP SAYING CRAZY DAN!!!

rileym 147: 4:45 did he realy just say crazy dan when it's oveously crazy Dave.
Plants Vs. Zombies PC Review 5 out of 5

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downphoenix: Great classic review, do people still call you?
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Plants Vs. Zombies PC Review