The Truth About Forex Trading

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The truth about Forex trading
The truth about Forex trading
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girl forex trader reviews fxlifestyle's forex signals - fxlifestyle review
Why Day Trading Forex Is A Scam
Why Day Trading Forex Is A Scam
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Forex Broker Scams - The Truth

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M One: Super

Phillip Transue: telling the truth, FirstMillionRoad is good place to start making good money

Eric C: Wow, 2-3 hours a week is ALOT of work over the course of a year. You need a vacation.

Play Music: Is this Ross? 😅

Alex Voxel: The amount of spam in this comment section is amazing...

Luis Earl Jones Jr: Much respect to people like you that provide valuable information to traders. Hopefully those jewels will help everyone achieve a prosperous lifestyle. "Knowledge is power" Thanks

Back Nforth: Also the truth is that almost everyone in FOREX or any financial market is trying to sell you the world for everything you have.

Greg Adams: Great video! I agree , patience and effort is the key. You need to learn. Go to seminars, read books, watch videos. There are tools that actually work, but you need time and money testing things out.

Ryan Patterson: Its because people are over leveraging there accounts to get big pay days, start small and set your goals small at first. That's what I am doing not trying to replace my career just trying to make a little extra like a $100 a day then go from there. I am using a bigger account and its been working no when to quit set a goal for the day and if you hit it or over achieve it shut it down then wait for the next set up.

Joshua M: You didn't take into consideration the spread.

Khalid Hakimi: The problem is they are involved in forex for the money, you have to love the game. Thats what bill lipschuz says. He is the greatest trader ever, ranked above george soros. You have to have passion for the game and not play for the money.

Doug McGaghie: Your videos are informative. I appreciate that. But why are you wearing a hat indoors?

studleyst henkel: Without a doubt the utimate software to succeed forex trading is Forex Profiter. You can just google "Forex Profiter V3.1" and grab it.

Jack Reynolds: it takes approximately 10 years of dedicated face time trading, to become an overnight success. This guy cant trade, because he makes videos about patience and working hard. Neither of which matter. What matters is time in the market, every day, losing and winning.Suddenly, new ideas come and "never give up" is your mantra. But seriously, did you expect to watch a few videos and already find your omega?? it takes YEARS

Pedro Santos Lima: BINARY OPTIONS TRADING AND MANAGEMENT!!! (Investments available also in bitcoin) let your investment work for you in binary options trading!! Tyler can help you trade and manage your trading account with a good price action strategy. With the minimum investment He can trade and make good profits of $500 to earn over $5000$1000 to earn over $11750 and with$5000 to earn profits up to $55500 in 7days of binary options trading. If you are interested to start up trading Feel free to contact him here on Tylerchianelli@mail .com

Nastua- Play: I use ExpertOption as my number one trading platform

Земфира Вардапетиян: I use ExpertOption as my number one trading platform

MD 8: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

The Floogiel Trading Co.: Great video. I love trading the Forex market. My favorite pair to trade is the EUR/USD!

Derick Robinson: What exactly is the “hard” work is what I was looking for?
The truth about Forex trading 5 out of 5

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The truth about Forex trading