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sanjeev shukla: Andrew please tell me a dash cam which is having features like full hd recording and his tracking and anti theft features and is wireless...
Bella anne Dairo: p
Ashok kr. Patel: good
niko22878: my phicen have those jacket but not those boots
citiboyduramax lynnma: How much did that cost ya
Gisse Leon: Te amo
lecon chuitt: I was an inmate at CCA's CADC, Florence Correctional, And Redrock correctional. Alaska shipped me down 1998 and I was released 2006. Alaska had made sure we were given proper education. A separate building was built with Alaskan money and we filled every seat. I was a tutor and we had 75 seats for computer classes we had a beginners, Intermediate, and advanced classes as well as 25 seats in the Lifeskills, and 25 in the Ged/abeclas as well as a large library. 3 pods or dorms had 40 cells and the pods were called program pods and every bed was filled, two of the pods were Therapeutic pods were we learned how to change our thinking and the other was a program/dog assistance training pod. I am now an EMS coordinator, firefighter EMT. I save lives. My situation is unique with CCA because we had a state that monitored and made sure the inmates were being given a chance. Many of the inmates who were there with me are now my facebook friends. I was released off of parole September 2017. I also have a 4 year associates degree in Business computer information systems. Some of the staff are also my facebook friends. My friends and I are what happen when you give us a chance., of course that is a two way street. Alaska didn't send their worst for Arizona to handle, They sent the ones who can handle themselves.. I was a two time escapee with a sentence of 20 years for armed robbery and the State of Alaska would not send me there until they had two fences up. It took CCA a Year and an escape to finally put up a double fence that you couldnt push down. We also trained service dogs where one dog went to a paraplegic who was stomped in a prison riot at Arizona state. He used to hate all inmates. We raised 36,000 dollars for the friend of a case manager and it started with a 1000 dollar donation from an inmate. Ive never been bac to prison as an inmate, I get invited to talk to other inmates about my story of success. Back to prison where I can leave, but my heart stays with those who struggle for answers.
Here is my story of success and how i give back. http://www.alaskapublic.org/interactive/?p=159 I help, because i want to prove that we can change how we respond to life.

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