Indoor Spring Piston Rifle Practice With Si Pittaway.

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Swancunian Searcher: Outstanding Shooting Si

aleksa varga: i respct you but i am beter i was the best snype at ex yugoslavia

Dan Channer: Incredible shooting, that.

TheGeodoctorcl: Si, watching you and Davy shoot never gets old. WOW..TY and Cheers mate!

Chris England: Brilliant shooting, it's a pleasure to watch you shooting Si.

NotThatDumb: I love your tutorials and really enjoy watching you shoot.
One thing I would like you to do is show your rifle holding technique.
Most people aren't aware that the springers require a lot more skill to be consistent in accuracy and the Artillery Hold is hard to learn without the proper training.
Would you consider doing a tutorial about the Artillery Hold?
Would be really appreciated, thanks.

David Reiss: Looks like a guy is shooting from Behind the black and fellow striped off to the left. Look a couple inches from were the impact point is.

matthew white: u are actually a god with a rifle awsome shooting

Reece Jamson: What pellet do you use

stringy2009: I like watching your videos but this is not hard on an indoor range with no wind. Let's see more outdoor accuracy tests, as this is where most of us shoot.

chris peet: hi si ive been out n treated myself to the hw97k in .177,what a rifle.i got shut of my pcp aa s200 in .22 for this rifle and ive never looked shooting with bisley magnums at the minute and getting decent results,is there any other pellets you would reccomend me to try in this calibre..?

Niklas Malmqvist: If you can get 5, or 10 shots in there, then you can get 500 in there. Its not more impressive to get 20 shots then 5 shots in the hole.

Andy Morrow: Thanks for that Si great video as always helped ,I will calabrate my mil dots now the same way and make a wee spread sheet with mil dot hold over and under for all magnifacation on my scope and range to I have it memorised

VerminHuntersTV: Yes mate this is another of my channels. Have a look at this older footage. Just type this in the search box without the speech marks. "Weihrauch HW100KT calibrating my mil dots and shooting 3 rabbits" The channel is called Zinaroon (Si Pittawa)

Andy Morrow: Sorry posted without finishing, would u recommend I keep doin what I'm used to I am very good at estimating my ranges and getting my hold over or under correct as I always get clean kills except the odd one that can't be helped. Do u have a video or could u post a link to one that would get me started with mildot scope. I know a wrote a lot there thanks in advance

Andy Morrow: Hi Si all u r videos and the vermin hunter channel videos are excellent. I have recently baught myself a tx200 hc after many years hunting with pcp tx200 hc is asmashing rifle very accurate,I also baught a mildot scope which is confusing the life out me lol previously I have only used standard scope and through plenty of plinking a got to know my hold over and under and only really hunted with my rifles would u recommend doin what a

VerminHuntersTV: Yes mate just throw them away. H and N FTT 5.53mm are a good starter for that rifle buddy.

GreenArrows0705: I thought of another question for you if I could. What power do you usually sight and shoot with both for target and hunting? Thank you, Brett

GreenArrows0705: Great shooting! Thank you for the videos and information, they are a great resource. Can you share what all was done to the rifle when it was tuned? It performs very well in your care. Thank you. Cheers, Brett

VerminHuntersTV: Hi there mate. Both calibre in that rifle are amazing but if you intend on doing some target practice too then i think the .177 would suit you better. Both calibre are very quiet a the H silencer is a very good model. Si.
Indoor Spring Piston Rifle Practice With Si Pittaway. 5 out of 5

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Swancunian Searcher: Outstanding Shooting Si
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Indoor Spring Piston Rifle Practice With Si Pittaway.