Professional Forex Trading Course Lesson 1 By Adam Khoo

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Professional Forex Trading Course Lesson 1 By Adam Khoo
Professional Forex Trading Course Lesson 1 By Adam Khoo
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Zak Zakman: You know in forex, you need to buy quite a significant amount of currency to profit from a small fluctuation.
 That's why you have the option to use leverage of up to several times your account size to make a meaningful profit. Otherwise the profits would be tiny.
How much are you willing to risk in order to make a 2% gain? Are you willing to expose several times your account size to make it? (Remember, when you trade, you buy a massive amount of currency, then wait for it to change a bit, then give it back, and you keep the difference. So are you willing to borrow massive amounts of currency, typically up to twice your account size to make 2%? One could only hope the market behaves before giving it back.)
These facts must be considered and fully understood before deciding to trade.
You can use a stop loss to limit your losses to say a maximum of 3% (intended). It's up to the broker's ability to fill the stop order at the intended price. Usually, and under normal conditions, the broker fills the stop order perfectly.
We've experienced a market crash in 2008, and another one in 2000. That's two crashes in the lifetime for many of us.
If we trade on a daily basis, and we keep our accounts exposed (as explained above with leverage), then it's a matter of time before we could run into another one of these crashes, which seem to happen quite several times in a lifetime. We need to be prepared.
During a crash, (or a correction which occurs more frequently, or a calculation error or some spike) the price of a currency can simply just close several orders of magnitude below your stop loss. There's nothing in between. The broker then unfortunately has to fill your stop loss at this price. (Unless you've insured your position with a guaranteed stop loss, which is more expensive. The broker then has to pay you back the money up to the value that you would have got at the stop loss. Then it's up to the broker's ability to pay out your insured position (after having to pay many other customers like you.)) Now when this happens, then, say you have an account of $1000 and you just opened a EURUSD position at 1.2200. Your stop loss is at a reasonable 50 pips below current price, ie 1.2150 stop loss. You want to risk "2%" of your account for this position. Therefore, if you buy x amounts of Euros at 1.2200 USD, and sell it at 1.2150 USD, you want to lose a maximum of 2%. That is $20.
$20 = x(1.2200 - 1.215)
x = 4000
You need to borrow 4000 Euros at 1.2200 USD.So you must borrow 4880 USD to make that trade. That's almost 5x your account size of somebody else's money. Are you risking only 2% or are you really risking 488% ? Be sure to give it all back in one piece! Know everything about those spikes and crashes! Don't put your life savings into one account. It could take you 5 lifetimes to get it back.
Now, during a crash or a spike, a currency could lose 20% of its value. Then you might get a close at 0.9760, which is far below stop loss. How much would one lose in that position?
Loss = 4000(1.2200 - 0.9760)Loss = 976 USD
In this case, a trader would have nearly wiped his account. Fortunately, he only risked "2%".
In forex, you can make or lose money in both directions, and perhaps in a crash, you could even make plenty of money, if you were on the right side of the market. But would you take a 50/50 chance with somebody else's money that's several orders of magnitudes as much as yours?
Consider how dangerous it gets if you trade with 10:1 or even 50:1 leverage! Ten to fifty times your account size of someone else's money. Which is very common. If this doesn't scare you, nothing will. If you lose the broker's money what would happen? They probably would want it back right? Lol, be prepared to sleep on the floor.
Just know the risk before you start. A crash might only happen a few times in a lifetime, but if when trading on a daily basis, the risk of running into a crash increases daily.

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Professional Forex Trading Course Lesson 1 By Adam Khoo