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Stuart Mcgarrigle: How about long term care for the plastic under structure of the figure? I'm contemplating using a plastic and rubber spray to keep the plastic/rubber from cracking.
トランクス: 今頃ですが、マッシュ系のセットだとどのスプレーがこの中で的確でしょうか?
Ascot Robinson: 1:29

RieZe Rx Gamer Rixツ: Wer schaut das mit den Huawei p9 xd
gazza listermint: I've heard that soaking the puk can leach away it's goodness. I kinda agree. I use it by whipping up on a dampish brush for 10 15 seconds. Firmly. Then apply to another bowl or face whilst adding few water drops. Last shave I think I cracked it coz lather up was really good and shave was great indeed. It's not hard to do just little patience and enjoyment of the event
Happy shaving 😀😀

Logan Nicholson: who is watching in 2019
• Austinizerr66 •: This is cool, I wonder if commonwealth helped, cause they look like commonwealth plushies.

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