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BW Drums: You seem to be sitting way too high on the kit... Look very uncomfortable when playing.
DEXTER: i dont understand your steps shem how can i root .136 firmware in one step
Brendan van Son: Got one of these bad boys from +3 Legged Thing coming next week.  So stoked for new photography gear.
Z3lda gam3r 15: oh so if you get the log you won't do the colosieum fight
Nikon Pun: best for people who need a smartphone for just messaging, browsing, setting alarm, listening to music and some basic features like me
starsapp 123: Dear Future self. Today is Friday April 13th 2018 at 9:56am. you will graduate from high school on May 24th of 2019 at 1:30am and im here to tell my future self that you can do it no matter what, and nothing can stop you. You`re going to be famous in the next few years and those who put you down wont even matter anymore. those who looked down on you will be looking up at you from the audience, those who said you were "lame" or "werent going to be anything" will have their hands out in need of money. Those who thought "Who Trinity? nobody cares about her" will suddenly care about you because of how fortunate you will be and they will start to act as if they had known you their entire life. Family members who didnt care about you will all of a sudden claim you as their favorite out of the family only because of your wealth. But future self dont fall for it your father taught you everything you need to know and hes the reason you're so successful as you read this. A few years from today someone will read this and say "wowww shes actually famous now thats crazy" and your "Dear Future Self" comment will become very popular and well know from millions all over the universe. Your going to come back in a few years and read this comment that you wrote like "I told you, you could do it look at you now"
Written by Trinity Sapp (ill be famous in a few years so remember my name)

Interior Group: Задавайте вопросы Подписывайтесь на канал. Смотрите видео с крутым дизайном https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDuUvygFYic

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