Portal 2 Video Review

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Portal 2 game review
Portal 2 game review
Portal 2 Video Review
Portal 2 Video Review
Portal 2 review
Portal 2 review

"Portal 2" Review
Video Review: Portal 2
Video Review: Portal 2

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legendp2011: Good review, but I personally thought the narrative was incredible.

MarekUtd: I'm from Australia and even I knew that wasnt a roosterney accent. I thought he was from Bristol.

DoubleSpoiler: Portal 2 took me about 4-5 hours (single player). I haven't played MP yet, but the single player was absolutely amazing, even if it was kind of short.

SBBUK: roosterNEY ... LOL

ElevenHymn: I think the narrative in this is better than Bioshocks.

Cameron Davis: @y2kize if anyone told you it completely spoils the game

bigasmith23: wow people are arguing over the accent lol...happy 420

Redgateau: West Country accent you fool!

LG1031: roosterney accent?...no

Lillith: Just got through this an hour ago, 8 hours for me, but now i get to do the co-op so overall it has some good length to it. Not to mention how much i enjoyed the game.

Johny40Se7en: Can't wait to play this, good review ElderGeek.

Koopsas: @shaurz xD

Jessika28: Beat the game in 12 hours total play time, was very fun. I don't know if I got smarter since I played the first Portal or the puzzles were easier, but I found that I could complete most of them in a short amount of time with only a few that stumped me and took a little more brain power. The dialogue and a few scenes while playing actually had me laughing out loud and I did enjoy the overall story. Moving on to the Co-Op now with a friend, the puzzles there I find are a bit more challenging.

howchildish: @y2kize maybe if you complete the potato sack bundle you'll a that on your portal gun, i don't really know though

shaurz: @Koopsas I didn't but I'm subbed to this channel

Koopsas: @shaurz then why you go watch a review of it D:?!?!?

Joolz1982: Nice review. Sounds good. 2nd the below. Merchant is not a roosterney. He's from Bristol.

SuperAzura: Great review, but Stephen Merchant isn't roosterney.

MrFlac00: @y2kize thats what i was wondering

CivilWolf: @y2kize I think it has something to do with the potato sack deal on steam
Portal 2 Video Review 5 out of 5

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legendp2011: Good review, but I personally thought the narrative was incredible.
Michael Alaska: Sometimes its the sensor itself. If the vinyl is too high off she sensor it can do the same thing. You can by pass the measuring and start cutting until you figure out the issue. What was it/solution?
Loader2K1: Merry belated Christmas to you, too, Richie! I hope a hot chick touches your "dangler" as well. By the way, this game is also known as Two Crude Dudes on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.
Headlesss: J wall 1 Allstars look dope.. I'm sold
GamerxC 2001: How do I fix my printer when it I print it come out as pink instead of blue
Николай Королев: Двери возили в Кашкае, спать можно в салоне !!! -и это маленький багажник ?!!!
khairy vegito: perfect rom! i tried note 7 rom for note 2 but it suck! its fast but its buggy...

Portal 2 Video Review