Starsky & Hutch 1975 Ford Gran Torino

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'76 Ford Gran Torino in Starsky & Hutch
'76 Ford Gran Torino in Starsky & Hutch
Starsky & Hutch 1975 Ford Gran Torino
Starsky & Hutch 1975 Ford Gran Torino
Ford Gran Torino 1975 Starsky & Hutch
Ford Gran Torino 1975 Starsky & Hutch
Greenlight Hollywood Starsky and Hutch 1:43 Ford Gran Torino Review!
Greenlight Hollywood Starsky and Hutch 1:43 Ford Gran Torino Review!
Starsky and Hutch Movie Torino Stunt
Starsky and Hutch Movie Torino Stunt

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music: Ah man...really love this year the grill and taillights...

藤野奨平: 映画のタイトルにもなった傑作インターミディエイトカー

Howard Secrest: How much

Pete Miller: Nice car 96 Delta. Brings back memories. I just watched a few shows of Starsky & Hutch on Kodi, and had to see the third star of the show. Cheers.

RonnieSixx: Man, what memories........before all this reality bullcrap we see nowadays.

Paulo Fontes: wow !!!between 1978-1979 I remember my father had an accident with a famous car It was red with white stripes of a Portuguese friend jose silvera
I know about the accident 2/20/79 It was with the famous Tirino nº2 My father had a green opel kadett B ,the two cars were destroyed on the accident , I found an article about the accident with the famous car and I'm sure it was with my father he almost died

Paulo Fontes: My father had an accident with the real car of Starsky & Hutch in 79 wow!!!It is not funny but interesting.

Charles Pilkington: What engine do you have under the hood?

Thirdgen83: Inaccurate to the car on the TV show, but actually nicer. The stripe is accurate. I like the steering wheel but it's wrong.
Rear sway-bar is obviously aftermarket. Ford did offer a factory rear bar as an option. I like the floor shifter and bucket seats, and the full instrument cluster dash. I also like the sport mirrors, which were seen only on the first season.

masatosi besyo: 日本でも1980年代までは米国テレビドラマ放送していたけど。今はユーチュブで見ます。CGを使用しないので迫力あり。~レットとホワイトカラーのフォードグランデビル車いいねぇ。

libertarianation1: I had this model from 1976-1982. Miss it. I knew guys who had blue and white versions, and in 1977 I saw an orange and yellow Starsky Torino in Texoma, Oklahoma.

68 mopar: I was born in 77, so i grew up on The Dukes of Hazzard, and i remain a loyal fan to the show and the General Lee. However, Starsky and Hutch still ran in reruns during those early 80 hey days, and i like the Torino just the same but maybe not as much. Fact is, i dont own neither star car, but theres a 74 Starsky car up from my house for sell currently for 10k! Of course, i think its too much, but im still thinking about going and seeing the owner next weekend. The cars been there for 3 weeks now. It doesnt look bad, but it needs a small restoration as the dash is cracked in 2 locations as well as the chrome bumpers being speckled with rust a little, and the paint has faded slighty. Other than that, body looks good, seats are in good shape along with the carpeting, but I'll check under the hood come the weekend. If i cant have a general then having the next best thing would still b cool.

Joe Szymanski: I love Torino's l've owned four different ones unfortunately they rust out.

MrThePsychologist: by the way where did you find this soundrack

MrThePsychologist: are you sure its not the 74 model ?

Meor al faisal: i want to know the name of this theme song

Gary Dunn: If your car originally had the side opera windows, it was called the Torino Elite model.  Was this car filmed in the UK, it's just that the background looks familiar to
a place I used to go. to view and photograph these great cars.

Gary Dunn: Still love the look of the 74-76 Gran Torino, I saw one all painted up like yours at
a car show in 2005. It looked even better in the metal.  I have a photo of it, with
me stood next to it, as a screen saver on my pc.

Starsky Hutch: You've done a nice job on your car.
I also love seeing people getting all excited when I drive mine, people yell out "Hey Starsky" at me all the time with a thumbs up.

Forex Market: Where is the insane sound of this car ???
Starsky & Hutch 1975 Ford Gran Torino 5 out of 5

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music: Ah man...really love this year the grill and taillights...
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Gary Woollard: Gorgeous, beautiful lady.
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Brian Sanchez: How much are you selling it for?

Starsky & Hutch 1975 Ford Gran Torino