♥ Super Kawaii Korean 뚱 Ddung Doll Haul ♥

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GamerCherry Pie: I don't have the big size only the keychains though

zOmBiE DoUgHnUt: I got a ddong doll on holiday it was a mini one it came free with a lollipop

Ngọc Minh Đào: so cute :))))))))

Sketchy _: where.did.you.getthose.i.needthem ;-;

Honesty Dalton: I saw those dolls but my parents said no they said I got too much stuff in my room and I really wanted so bad

Bunnies and Bears Nursery: The milk tea ones are so cute!!!

Anastasia Smith: LOVE those so much the ddung doll the kikipop ALL of them!!!!!!

Thelegendofkate draws: I'm 20 and I really want one... Is that bad? Lol

해피 해피: You are pronouncing the name wrong. You're horrible in Korean.

natalina lina: 😁

Elvia Lupercio: omg

Helena Tshiyamba: cute!!!!!

AnxiousAlpaca: Mother , father! Christmas idea! xD

David Watanabe: hi +TheHollycopter!  can you please do more candy kit and candy kit marathon videos? i love them! thanks! PS i love your vids :o)

ChuuuReiXx: The first two made me think of pullip alice du jardin pink and mint ver. :3

Lostpass: They are so cute

Alianah Renee Delagrandeanse: Steven universe pullip dolls give it a try😕☺

YB Paanie: I think the brown ribbon is supposed to be tied around the neck I guess idk

chandapanda2003: Please sub to my channel I will be doing a give away soon
♥ Super Kawaii Korean 뚱 Ddung Doll Haul ♥ 5 out of 5

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GamerCherry Pie: I don't have the big size only the keychains though
tatted Nigerian: You look like lil mama ..from my lipgloss music video
Luis Body Shop: Is this a 3" exhaust?
Kryogh: this was the worst football game i've ever played
295Phoenix: And.........this is why I don't play Ironman.

♥ Super Kawaii Korean 뚱 Ddung Doll Haul ♥