PageRank Algorithm: How It Works

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PageRank Algorithm - Example
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jydk37: Is lambda a Google trade secret? Without understanding how lambda is generated, I fail to see any value in this presentation.

Tien Nguyen Huu: please translate to Vietnamese thank you

Dr. Wayne Manzo: This is a pure mathematical masturbation and what this idiot does not tell you, and you should know this, is that Foogle adds additional terms to the Stank Rank equation and that is how they are able to Tweak or "Cook the Books"! Remember__the Jewish CIA owns and controls all information, marketing, news, entertainment___all information sources, distribution, etc... and the control of the Net by "Cooking the Books" ( CTB ) is childs play!
So, all they have to do is set a few flags on the index records and your page never shows up on a search listing__unless, you are at the Device and you do a search and by golly I'm listed almost at the top! Yeah__how come you get no feed back? No page views? No Nothing!

Foogle or Jewgle Stinks! The Jews made a Huge Ponzi scheme that enables the Jews to suck in Trillions while everybody else is scratching their balls in amazement and wondering how come I can't make any money on the Net!

Ha Ha Ha! Better off advertising in Newspapers and Magazines then the Jew Net!

Oleg Melnikov: Thanks for the great video with nice and clear explanations and visuals. A couple of questions came up.
1. I believe, (1-lambda)/N must represent the probability of starting at page x, not hoping to it from another node.Hopping from another node is captured by the second summand of PR(x). Besides, if hoping from another node (with N-1 nodes around) we would have N-1 in denominator.

2. lambda can be defined more clearly (and mathematically). You bring a good example of lambda as a parameter of a Bernoulli distribution, but what random variable follows Bern(lambda) in this model? Which brings to the next comment :)

3. From what I understood, it's the lambda that is initialized to 1/N, not the PR(x). Then PR(x) is initialized with lambda, where PR(x) changes with each iteration, but lambda remains fixed at initial value. :)

4. It makes sense to introduce subscripted PR since the start.

5. Finally, from basic probability, coin flipping is associated with 1/2 parameter in students' mind. Since lambda is vastly different from this, another example of Bernoulli random variable may make more sense. For example, it could come from card playing or die throwing :)

Thanks for this and other videos!

Yuanzhi Bao: Wonderful video!!!!! Help me solve a lot misunderstandings about pagerank. Thank you so much.

MH: You need to slow down and explain everything in slower steps.

Rahul Thankachan: how did you calculate lamda? Thank you

Data Menace: Funny accent, flawless explanations!! Thanks!! :)

Georgios Vassos: Shouldn't the sum PR(A) + PR(B) + ... = 1 or 100 in every step? How can we verify if the algorith is correct?

fckingkim: Amazing series, thanks so much Victor. 
I have a question though. I was wondering whether the pagerank algorithm you gave at 1:25 is complete. Please correct me if I'm wrong. In the example you gave beginning at 7:37, PR(B) = 0.18 * 9.1+..., my understanding is the 0.18 is the probability that someone will get to page B through randomly hoping to the page rather than by clicking a link that brings them to page B. i.e. 0.18 = 1 - λ
You have multiplied this 0.18 with 9.1, which is the probability that one would get to page B through hoping if there were no links between the pages. That makes sense, but in the original pagerank equation, PR(B) = (1 - λ) * (1 / N )..., it doesn't seem to me like the 0.18 is included. I would have expected the original equation to start this was; PR(B) = (1 - λ)* (1 - λ)* (1 / N) If I'm correct, is there a reason you didn't include the 0.18 (1 - λ) in the original equation? Thanks
PageRank algorithm: how it works 5 out of 5

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PageRank algorithm: how it works