Acer All-in-One Computer Aspire ZC AZC-700G-UW61 Acer All In One Computer Aspire ZC AZC-700G-UW61

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RokuFFA: i hate this computer, DO NOT BUY if you're trying to game on it. it's slow as crap. I'm starting to build my own PC right now

AuntyM66: Looks like apple imac G5.

Folke: I bought an Aspire Z aio and three days in, ALREADY SCREWED, on April's Fool's day of all. I turn it on and nothing but a black screen!

Even my slow, bulky, refurbished office computer from another era is more reliable!


yrly59e: To those saying it is slow, it ships with multiple virus scanners at once and tons of bloatware. Running multiple virus scanners wastes RAM and they ship with McAfee which is about the most resource hogging one available. Once you delete that stuff it's pretty quick and you save a ton of hard drive room. Once you delete all that stuff and download the latest windows update run defragmenter and you'll be good to go.

Marie-grace K.: Would it be good for a college student? Using it mostly for writing papers and doing school work?

MsRandom: Does it run steam games okay?

DE ROSA A PARIS: Where did you purchased it from?.

PVT916 Productions: I got one, but how can you set up a dual screen display with a chromebook?

Panda Gaming: is this a good pc for Minecraft like is it gonna lag like frickin hell

DuckandKim: Would this be a good computer for editing videos for YouTube?

bob jackson: Thank you for this! It looks so pretty and I will be buying one!

Kvng Brave: I just got one can it run csgo

ZoeRika: Thank you for this! It looks so pretty and I will be buying one!

Carlos A Torres: does it have a webcam?

Eduardo Paredes: Do you know how to access the input mode?

Hazard Panda: I have two questions does it run roblox perfectly and does it run shooting game videos 1080p

Edgar Zapata: pendejo wtf

Lucas LoggedOn: I'm thinking of getting this but is it any good for gaming ? Great Review by the definitely subbing

Jonathan Mendez: do you still have this PC by any chance.....
Acer All-in-One Computer Aspire ZC AZC-700G-UW61 Acer All in One Computer Aspire ZC AZC-700G-UW61 5 out of 5

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RokuFFA: i hate this computer, DO NOT BUY if you're trying to game on it. it's slow as crap. I'm starting to build my own PC right now
Nomi Sheppard: How much would it cost to build one of these for my son? I could paypal you..
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Acer All-in-One Computer Aspire ZC AZC-700G-UW61 Acer All in One Computer Aspire ZC AZC-700G-UW61