ESO Dragonknight PvP - Outnumbered

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nera giogia: all Low Level lol u do nothing special ^^

Greg Gibson: I'm obviously don't something wrong cause I'm veteran 2 dk dark elf and I use all my magic and stamina on one guy and his health doesn't move a quarter of an inch. I really don't understand this game.

Cheesiest Relic: All other alliance sucks ebonhearts pact is far superior. Long live the pact

T Money: What add-on are you using, that shows your health bar, mana,stamina?

Tomas Olak: What bow are you using at what rank do you have to be to use it?
BTW Great Vid

imredneckson: Vet 2 accompanied by a Vet 10 and a Vet 1 (not including those DC inside the keep that were pushing out) vs. 10 lvl 10-28 on siege that's not pvp that's shooting fish in a barrel

pattycaker1508: LOL Whats this??
This is not DK PvP, this is "How to use a bow with other people in ESO"

Cooper Sword: bow OP

thinkreelblind: You run away, and hide, like a little sissy Asian schoolgirl too much. Scrub

Jonathan V: What the title should say is "ESO Dragonknight PvP - Outnumbered... by lvl 10's!"

Night: How old do you have to be to play?

Nicholas T: Lol, You take the trophy for VR DK picking on lowbies... and you went bow/ sword and shield. What server and campaign are you in so I can come avenge those poor lowbies. 

King Truth: epic video

Ken Havens: good lord.  Another game where range players rule the roost at pvp.

Simon Parada: Seems a little odd how close you can you use your bow without any significant problems.

Enferno: K, I started watching this video thinking "WoW! I didn't realize bow was that good, being I played it with my NB til lvl VR2". Then as I started to pay more attention, I realized he is VR2 vs lvl 10-34ish 90% of the time! Of course he will dominate, duh! If you'll notice about halfway through this video he attacked a VR1 and barely did dmg, so he changes targets to a lvl 13. He's not that impressive being 90% of these ppl he's killing are very low lvl, so it only takes a few hits from VR1+ to kill them.

Roman: the most are low lvlers, so that's nothing skilled, only they are stupid

The0Dark0Warrior: What's the name of the skill u used to get those wings at 4:58 ?

Spectralcoffee: FOR THE PACT!

Lakshmana Lockhart: he is just killing lowbies... wooow
ESO Dragonknight PvP - Outnumbered 5 out of 5

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nera giogia: all Low Level lol u do nothing special ^^
Eddie Murphy: Thanks for the vid. Just purchased one of these Griddlers. Your instructions were helpful. The only thing missing was the temperature setting.
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ESO Dragonknight PvP - Outnumbered