Cornrow Cap For Weaving

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cornrow cap for weaving
cornrow cap for weaving
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k brown .brown: Whoa to the negative vibes in the comments..this is advertisement point blank on product for styling

Marcelina Vargas: Quiero un gorro de eso

Jazzy Derson: I like it a lot 😍😍😍😍

Lamontica Alexander: I just started doing my own hair and have gravitated to crochet styles as protective styles. I can cornrow but I can't corn row multiple different braid patterns, just straight back and that doesn't work all the time when it comes to styling the hair. Would this be a good one to use if I wanted to try up-do's for my crochet styles? Also, I like a side part so how could I create that with this cap?

Blasian Lila: I’m mix Asian and Black aka Blasian. I use to braid, but my fingers aren’t as flexible. I’m tired of quick weaves. My question is ...
How long does it last? Am I able to shampoo my weave?

Jahlisa Braymiller: Can the corn crow cap be use without the combs

Sabrina Tyler: Constructive criticism I am giving, not trying to speak bad about your work. But, it's two things I've notice about this, that you should switch up. One, the lump in the back. I don't know how to cornrow, but I would tried to do a few, so it would've laid flat. Not caring how my cornrows would've came out, because her real hair wasn't going to show anyway. Second, the back of her head. Once you lift her hair up, I seen the cap braids. I think the idea look, was to cover that part too. I don't know if that's how she like it, but I would want mines covered. Other then that, pretty. Good job. I always wonder how to place in the braid cap. You made it look so easy. So if I'm correct. You sewed in between the braids, when sewing the cap to her head?

g swan: Making a wig now on one because my hair breaks from sew in and crochet directly on my hair. Also can't fit ready made wigs so this is a life saver.

Maxima Rodriguez: make,hair

Icha Lopez: I very very love it...

Lisa Foster: Thanks

J Dukes: Question.. can the clips be taken off to be crochet through ur hair and the net

Verna Walker: My. Granddaughter anya. Money. Is. Starting. To. Show. People how. To. Naraul. Hair. Hope. U. Love. U

Tia Tate: I’m bald do you think the cap would stay on my head since I don’t have anything for it to hold on to

jjohnson3012011: That comb will annoy me

Bella E: This is great just seeing this for the first time have to try

B Davis: I deal with what looks like alopecia. My hair loss is a result of the major disease, Sarcoidosis ( commonly now called "The Bernie Mac Disease). It's a horrific disrase. Hard to even explain it. I've loved wigs and hair pieces since I was 18.... I once had a marvelous head of hair. I could go either way. It's devastating to lose ypur hair ( head, lashes, and eyebrows)
I don't have a choice. Because my hair was so beautiful, I choose to not by cheap and tacky wigs, or pay for messed up doos. So give these people some slack.

Ebony Menzies: all i want to know is can i wash my hair with layers of caps on and have it still dry?!?!

Vernice Aikens: the cap is a great ideal .. that Bobby pin in the back of her head with the hair comb like that she won't be comfortable laying on her back of her head she will be irritated.. and mainly she was to damn ruff....

hyacinthdibley2: My only issue with this cap is that it is too tight. I wish they made adjustable strap ones. 😟😟😟
I have looked at different ones, and they feel equally tight.
cornrow cap for weaving 5 out of 5

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k brown .brown: Whoa to the negative vibes in the comments..this is advertisement point blank on product for styling
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cornrow cap for weaving