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Piano kawaii: ก็นะ
Tobias: 10:18 lachflash des Todes xD
Emma Hansson: Let me guess stop motion stuidio's
Kenneth Parks: I am wanting to do this for my son and sons in law for Father's Day....I don't have many power tools...A power drill and electric sander and everything else is all manual. Any suggestions that might make it easier WITH what I have?
King Richard I: Not trying to be rude but if you have enough money to buy a Brickmania kit, I suggest buying a tripod and get some lighting.
M. .Maffei: Laphroaig is an excellent whisky. I'd move to Scotland just to work there.
rivengle: @valtrus the is and gs are getting redesigned for the 2012 production year. hopefully, it brings a better styling direction.

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