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Cristopher Cutas: ohh nooo =)) all stories will most likely end up in crap stories, but you guys are still in the middle.

lonewolf031: Dat stache tho..

ascript: Invite a guest then repeatedly ignore and interrupt them. Rude.

Simonarne Myklebust: i'm 17 i have a fullbeard

Jay P: I love techtalk

jon wisneski: I about died laughing, when you told your story of kiltocide.

Ctrl Null: dude have a pop up for donations. that will become annoying fast

Jens Noe: heey

Jens Noe: heeey

3R45U5: Simone is a native swede?
So jelly of her accent...or better the lack thereof!
I am german, and whenever I try to speak english I sound like the most stereotypical german ever! :(
She sounds like a native american!
and why was she in a chinese sitcom? So many questions...

Torbjörn Sagen: Thanks for another great Tech talk. Interesting topics, and nice to see some live feed from my own country as well, even if it's from a boat ;)

Reading up all those single pound/euro/dollar donations I don't think is necessary. Of course credits should go to everyone supporting the channel, but for a livestream, don't be afraid to require a bit larger amount, such as 10 pound/euro/dollar for it to be highlighted by you.

Take care!

Riley Dulaney: Jerry, I was actually asking that question. I was NOT I repeat NOT trying to Troll.

Crypto Superman: i love tech talk and have watched every week and i have nothing against you guys at all but this stream it seemed that you really ignored your guest and that seemed kind of rude. I might be wrong in saying this and i hope i am but instead of reading every single donation during the time you have a guest maybe save that till the end of the stream because this does not have your guest just sitting there obviously feeling left out and or frustrated. Again i hope im wrong and i dont mean anything bad behind my comments. Keep your show going love them.

Sonicjam: Jay you gotta upload those pics! lol

Kurukx: You two pickle holes make me cringe everytime you talk about Holden :)

It was setup by GM as General Motors-Holden's Ltd and became just Holden. Ford and Holden are the main rivals in Australia. Jay would have been hung drawn and quartered for what he said down here :)

And I believe the Camaro (Bumble Bee in transformers) is based off the chassis of a Australia Holden Commodore V8.

Peter Ellis: Reading the donations was really, really, really annoying and I had to stop watching after 15 mins.

I understand you guys after to make cash but when it screws with your show, is it really worth it?

Julian McKay: pretty funny how you guys kept talking like your guest wasn't around

lip lipper: love u guys, but don't know the euro sign is quit funny .

Rowlett54: if yall are gonna do the donations thing, make it a scrolling banner across the bottom of the screen

Rowlett54: Jerry's rocking that porn stache!
#TechTalk 96 - Future of #TechTalk & Breakfast Machine 5 out of 5

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Gregg Parrish: Greg Koch, can you come to my house and demo all my gear so I can hear how good it could sound with a talented guy playing it?
Cristopher Cutas: ohh nooo =)) all stories will most likely end up in crap stories, but you guys are still in the middle.
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fifakoning: Moet de Tunecast perse in de autolader om te kunnen functioneren? mijn sigarettenaansteker is namelijk kapot.
Clyde Koehn: Yes I’m sorry you had to buy the tools, I had them already. Used my gun for several duck seasons and then got dropped in the pond, but didn’t have time to take it apart so kept shooting!!! Lately I’ve been putting 300 rounds a day through it and haven’t had a problem. (Beretta made a gun that WILL NOT mess up)

#TechTalk 96 - Future of #TechTalk & Breakfast Machine