#TechTalk 96 - Future Of #TechTalk & Breakfast Machine

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Cristopher Cutas: ohh nooo =)) all stories will most likely end up in crap stories, but you guys are still in the middle.

lonewolf031: Dat stache tho..

ascript: Invite a guest then repeatedly ignore and interrupt them. Rude.

Simonarne Myklebust: i'm 17 i have a fullbeard

Jay P: I love techtalk

jon wisneski: I about died laughing, when you told your story of kiltocide.

Ctrl Null: dude have a pop up for donations. that will become annoying fast

Jens Noe: heey

Jens Noe: heeey

3R45U5: Simone is a native swede?
So jelly of her accent...or better the lack thereof!
I am german, and whenever I try to speak english I sound like the most stereotypical german ever! :(
She sounds like a native american!
and why was she in a chinese sitcom? So many questions...

Torbjörn Sagen: Thanks for another great Tech talk. Interesting topics, and nice to see some live feed from my own country as well, even if it's from a boat ;)

Reading up all those single pound/euro/dollar donations I don't think is necessary. Of course credits should go to everyone supporting the channel, but for a livestream, don't be afraid to require a bit larger amount, such as 10 pound/euro/dollar for it to be highlighted by you.

Take care!

Riley Dulaney: Jerry, I was actually asking that question. I was NOT I repeat NOT trying to Troll.

Crypto Superman: i love tech talk and have watched every week and i have nothing against you guys at all but this stream it seemed that you really ignored your guest and that seemed kind of rude. I might be wrong in saying this and i hope i am but instead of reading every single donation during the time you have a guest maybe save that till the end of the stream because this does not have your guest just sitting there obviously feeling left out and or frustrated. Again i hope im wrong and i dont mean anything bad behind my comments. Keep your show going love them.

Sonicjam: Jay you gotta upload those pics! lol

Peter Ellis: Reading the donations was really, really, really annoying and I had to stop watching after 15 mins.

I understand you guys after to make cash but when it screws with your show, is it really worth it?

Julian McKay: pretty funny how you guys kept talking like your guest wasn't around

lip lipper: love u guys, but don't know the euro sign is quit funny .

Rowlett54: if yall are gonna do the donations thing, make it a scrolling banner across the bottom of the screen

Rowlett54: Jerry's rocking that porn stache!

Warren Panayides: #shave before you bring the mystery gurl out !!!
#TechTalk 96 - Future of #TechTalk & Breakfast Machine 5 out of 5

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Cristopher Cutas: ohh nooo =)) all stories will most likely end up in crap stories, but you guys are still in the middle.
The Swag Spirit's Animatronic Reviews & More: I'll buy her next season :)
Anis Anizio: thanks
Дмитрий Д: Если украдут то всё сразу
Shawn Connolly: <<< putting none hub-centric 10” spacers on my big RIG / I’m going to have to used lag bolts to hold em on , but I bet not one of you 1” spaced ricers will be able to pass me 😂🤣
Blondboy1313 Carroll not rally my name: I tried to and it gust close
O Marshall: THanks bro.. you methods worked for me to repair 3 phones. ONe G925t, G920T and G920w8. Two with imei problem and one with DRK.. and this method with GCPRO repaired all the phones. THanks again... fro m Jamaica

#TechTalk 96 - Future of #TechTalk & Breakfast Machine