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Akemi Homura: i had no idea it existed either i wanted to contact yt about something or at least know how. and i could not find a way to do so
honestly i can understand why they do this.
 as YT is in the top 3 most visited sites in the world and has like the majority of the world on it.
so a real person can only do so much so i really agree with how it is. it would be impossible to handle everyone manually
would be stupid to even try

美しく燃える森: The faqs are great thanks for doing them.
armandmax: does it only play snes roms?
Андрей Семенов: полностью поддерживаю сам сталкивался
rnorred1986: I bought all the sports last year except for Golf. Great game overall! IMO it's better than the original game, mainly Tennis & Baseball. Looks nicer & love all the tweaks & improvements that were done to an already great game. I love the Gamepad controls on Baseball where you catch the fly balls, that alone makes it so much better than the original. I love how on Tennis that you can manually change the direction of your Racket which was automatic in the original game. My only complaint is the remote occasionally goes out of sync on Tennis, but you can pause & calibrate it for a second & that fixes the problem.
Hitting It Solid: where's vibrance in cs3 or it's equivalent
Taejah Tomlinson: 1first