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Евгений: не ровна приклеил видно экран на перекос вернее стекло и работал без перчаток и анти статик браслета
eddybear88: They did a rolling start. If they would of done it dead stop, the GTR would of been really ahead but if the straight away was long enough, the SLS would of caught up. The SLS won this one because even though the GT-R has all-wheel drive, this car is made for rally, drifting and tuned for shorter speeds so it is made for a circuit track scenario not a drag. You also lose power during straight a ways with all-wheel drive.
Rajan Mishra: Thanks of the videos
Lauty BJ Bj: extraño estos videos mayonesa :(
Станислав Гайдабура: Открыл ещё одну супер-функцию для плоскогубцев: в пачке с фисташками всегда есть недорасрывшиеся орешки, так плоскогубцами их лущить само то!!!))))
AmethystWoman: not sure why this is not working for me. I've done the steps everyone says but in my pages pull out, the cover is still numbered page 1. I have "no" master applied to the cover and inside front cover page but what I want to be the first page (page 3), is still called page 3 which means my pdf page number and my table of contents page number are different. If someone reading the pdf says "go to page 5" in file, it's page 7. and for the toc to work, I have to code it to go to page 7 for the link to go to page 5. very confusing. and not working. help. I am in cs3 btw but the menus are the same.
Mark Bailey: You’re right, California does suck