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polyspastos: Ziggy, does GGG have a release date already? Or at least a good forum post to follow?
최유성: 문호준형에진다
William A. Garcia: Thank you for your video. It was very helpful!!!
YamiPoyo: Swifty due to this video i went out and got this keyboard i love it but now my son has spilled milk on it hes only 3, im trying to find it but they dont make it anymore.
Like you i find it hard to use my pinky and i was hoping you had one laying about used or unused that i could purchase from you, i cant find them from razer.

Alexander Parchment: I love chima sets
Ragnar Lothbrok: Nie działa ;/ xd
Rob BasicModelling: Good and comprehensive review as always.. :) I quite like ICM kits, as long as I don't have to deal with their decals.. still waiting to come across any 'improved' ICM decals, but if you say they exist, I believe you.. ;) Either way, great looking kit, even I would like to build that one.. Thanks for the review.. and thus concludes my catch up! Little point in watching the channel update as it is out of date by now anyway.. still, I may well watch it anyway, but not today.. :)