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Abinash Dhakal: use this code to earn 2500 gem in clash of lord 2
code: 167 645 645

diim: качество видео гавно
Elektroinstal Servisni Centar: Dont trust the man who is talking about gsxr and wears gsxr t shirt :D
Aidan Fusco: Quick question, fitted one of these today on my new rockshox yari fork. I can't get the wedge into my steerer tube with the o-ring on, so have fitted it without and all seems okay. Is fitting without the o-ring likely to cause me any issues? Thanks
Valerie Kelly: that stalker at the the door was so creepy!!!!
sputnic: It's not a jerky transmission , the thing is that it shift's gears like it's a manual . It's an old mans smooth cars that shift so smooth , not sports cars . This is how it was then , not now .
Алексей Иванов: Где такой редуктор-переходник взять?